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Now is the time! Without a doubt this is the type of market advatageous to both buyers and sellers.Interest rates are hovering around 3.5% which was unthinkable two years ago.Prices have been going up noticable the last several months in the Twin Cities and I see no turning back.In most areas average sale prices are up 4-6%.For first time buyers there are still some great buys under $150,000, with bidding often competitive.If you are a seller, listings are now a t a ten year low.Well priced properties are getting lots of showings and often selling in 60 days or less.After six years of declines prices have a lot of lost ground to cover, but they are moving up at a nice pace.The driving forces are lowering unemployment rates and unbelievable low mortgage rates.Buyers' purchasing power is at a modern day high.
 Folks, whether buying or selling you can't ask for better a better state of affairs than these. As unemployment continues to decline there will be increasing pressure on interest rates and home prices.Don't miss out on the Americam Dream when it is such a bargain.I can be reached at 612 207-3200.